Troy Thomas Respite Center

1018 Shawano Street - Green Bay


The Troy Thomas Respite Center is named in memory of Mandy's brother, Troy Suthers, and in honor of Mandy's father, Thomas Suthers, for all the help, love, and support he has given DarJune.

In addition to being a respite house on the upper level, the lower level of the  Shawano house will be the official office location for the DarJune Foundation Inc. There may not be regular business hours due to meetings and other obligations, but your are welcome to call or text the staff.

Mandy Suthers

(920) 676-9697

Jennifer Gozdzialski

(920) 676-5350


Chris Bivins

(920) 737-3310

Stacie Girling

(920) 327-2377