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The best way for you to get to know us, is through the people we have guided through recovery. These are their stories.

We are proud to walk alongside you in your journey.

We are in this together.


Recoveree and Recovery Coach

I was introduced to Darjune in December 2021 when I moved into the women's sober living. I was fresh out of rehab, and hope. I made a few connections with darjune and others in the green bay recovery community during the short time before leaving and relapsing. Addiction definitely had its hold on me. After being in and out I finally made my way back to recovery June 16th, 2022 and since then have had the amazing opportunity to work with others struggling with addiction through Darjune. I have been a recovery coach for a few months now and I am so grateful to Darjune and people like Mandy for taking a chance on me. It's come full circle for me, and I look forward to being able to continue helping others like myself find the hope and purpose I found.


Leanne & Nate


My name is Leanne and I am married to Nathan. We are both recovering addicts who have gone through a lot. We are married with a beautiful baby boy who was born march 5 2023. First I am going to start off and say I am not much of a story teller or writer...


I met my husband during the peak of my addiction. The use of my drug of choice started later in life for me. I started using methamphetamine in the late year of 2018, I was 39 years old when I started my addiction. It could happen to anyone. Nate also was married before he has three other children a 16 year old daughter a 11 year old son is about to be 12 and an eight year old daughter. Both Nate and I have been in and out of treatments. I've personally been in mental wards due to my addiction, which is where I lost my belongings and my worldly possessions. I have had to start all over again multiple times been homeless a couple times, nates been homeless for a long time until he met me. Drugs have a funny way of doing that to people. The last time I went to jail was December 20 2020 and I got out in April 2021 and I started treatment at Beacon Center in FDL. I was there for the 128 treatment inpatient, The Beacon center had mentioned they worked with DarJune and asked if I wanted to have a recovery coach. I wasn’t sure what that was at the time, but I really wanted a better life so I said sure. I got out from there and went to Darjune Sober Living to stay close to the supports I had built and was still able to get help from Beacon. I lived in Sober Living until December 2021 when I married Nate. While I was in Sober Living, Nate was in jail for a little bit again. Mandy and the coaches at DarJune helped him to get treatment and not stay in jail.


We eventually moved to start our family with our son and now I am a stay at home mother happy and proud and sober. Nate is a hard-working father. He has multiple jobs where we live Mandy has helped him start his own business and is helping him now build credit so we can buy a house someday. We are happy that Mandy and the DarJune team is a part of our lives and that she’s always there for us. Mandy was there for me during my pregnancy and she’s been there for us and our son Sebastian since he was born. In fact, she was the first person to even hold Sebastian‘s hand. Mandy is great at what she does, and so are all the coaches at DarJune.


I am happy that she will always be there for me and Nate. No matter what. And our lives will continue to be great, and we will continue to try for nothing but sobriety and happiness with our son. Because of Mandy and Darjune, we are so thankful for everything That they have done for us.

Leanne & Nathan


Recoveree & Recovery Coach

In the depths of my struggles, addiction had a relentless grip on my life, pulling me under. Upon my release from prison I had support and still felt a void and my addiction trying to pull me back. Yet, amid the darkness, a beacon of hope emerged – the foundation that became my lifeline.


Their unwavering support and understanding provided a sanctuary for my healing journey. They gave me the opportunity to become a Recovery Coach and Certified Peer Specialist with each counseling session, group meeting, and shared moment, I found solace in the camaraderie of fellow survivors and the guidance of compassionate mentors. This foundation not only offered me tools to rebuild my life but also instilled within me a renewed sense of purpose. Gratitude wells within me for the individuals who believed in my resilience and the organization that became the sturdy scaffold in maintaining my recovery and providing with the tools to share in helping others. Together, we stand as a testament to the strength that surfaces when compassion meets perseverance, illuminating the path from the shadows of addiction to the brilliance of sobriety.


Thank you Mandy Suthers and DarJune Foundation 

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