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Recovery Quotes



The road to sobriety is a challenging & complex journey that encompasses various stages of addiction recovery.

Each stage of recovery presents its own set of difficulties, & the hardest stage of sobriety can differ depending on the individual & their unique experiences.

The path to recovery is never easy. It’s important to always keep yourself motivated & remind yourself why you are on this journey. One way to source inspiration is to read and share inspirational quotes that can help you stay on-track.

When you flood your mind with positive thoughts, this can help you feel better & work through thoughts of depression & negativity mentally healthier.

Here are some quotes to help ease you into your journey of recovery with healing words to get stuck like glue in your mind. Tap, save & share them for inspiration, motivation, & validation whenever you are feeling tempted or overwhelmed.



Share this article to support the DarJune Foundation, serving Green Bay's recovery community & beyond. Feel free to tap, save & share any of these quotes to flood your timeline with recovery inspiration.

The DarJune Foundation recently started an online support group to keep community members informed & up to date on all things recovery! Tap the link below to join or search FB groups for 'Sober Living & Recovery- The DarJune Foundation'.




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